Anju said to aid him when he supported her into the fixing brand new throne of YamatoPosted by On

Anju said to aid him when he supported her into the fixing brand new throne of Yamato

Once the Oshtor, Kuon, Fumirul, Saraana and you may Ururuu go for about when deciding to take competition of Woshis’s minions and you can Shirchiya have been helping Woshis on the start; Mikazuchi looks on top steps and you may brings reinforcements to aid Oshtor; Anju appear leading Munechika, Atuy, Jachdwalt, Rulutieh, Nekone, Kiwru, Nosuri and you will Ougi to keep your. Anju requires factors to possess later on once the she come to support him and demonstrates that Mikazuchi just explained one Oshtor is during issues so that they involved Tuskur; regardless if is a personal matter for Oshtor. Mikazuchi teaches you so you can Oshtor inside low-profile, whenever he succumbed to help you their injuries within Race for the fresh new Imperial Capital, he awoke within the Mausoleum when he are data recovery within this a good pill in addition to past Mikado advised your the difficulty and the danger abreast of Oshtor.

Since the Woshis refuses to ribbon so you can Anju; it race Woshis’s yatanawarabes on the advantage over numbers and you may energy, although competition becomes difficult once yatanawarabes rises twice upon demise. Oshtor, Mikazuchi and Munechika concur that these creatures are similar to the brand new Akuruka while they become it’s energy and thus discovering that Woshis can perform performing Akuruka, something which precisely the Mikado will do. Oshtor involved to make use of the newest Akuruka’s energy however, Kuon asks him to complete a lot less they could nevertheless endeavor and you can none cannot Mikazuchi when he however recovering from his injuries. Woshis spends which possible opportunity to wade to Eruruu and you can requires the property owner Key, the latter allows this and so really does this new Onkami. Though Oshtor therefore the someone else sees your escaping the fresh Securing Hall, they can exercise nothing since the yatanawarabe keeps them active. It fundamentally beat the yatanawarabe, and additionally they most of the ato will be in great chances now that they are become plotting in the very beginning.

Uitsualnemetia’s Mask [ ]

In advance of it log off to stop Woshis, Eruuru gets Oshtor an enthusiastic Akuruka mask, which had been Hakuowlo’s early in the day mask, and you can make sure he understands that she is actually advised so it can have so you’re able to him. Oshtor (acknowledging new cover-up as he looked at they whenever hacking brand new data), Kuon, Anju, additionally the anyone else is actually amaze observe a keen Akuruka undetectable during the the newest Shrine. They opinion that it is similar to Oshtor’s but the figure together with thing seemed like it absolutely was created from inside the bone. Eruuru says to Oshtor that he will look it as an effective luck attraction at first however, the guy need to regulate how to utilize they there will come the time in case it is inevitable.

Rulutieh, Nosuri, Atuy, Jachdwalt and you may Munechika give its viewpoint concerning Akuruka, actually Anju places they on sample due to the fact she wears it to look at how it end up being however, absolutely nothing goes because Kuon glares during the this lady and you can Munechika nags in the Anju to own such as for example act. Oshtor sets straight back the fresh new Akuruka to your red cloth and features they hidden inside the pouch local hookup in Fort Collins.

Dealing with Woshis [ ]

Because they tell you the ruins back again to the surface, Oshtor and you will Kuon currently requested you to definitely Woshis escaped Tuskur. Ulthury verifies which with the class and courses them to a beneficial greater room in which a door utilized by the brand new people. Today aware Woshis could well be right back within Purple Funding since the Mausoleum has many ancient technology and you may relics, currently the guy procedures close the computer both place and entrance effective. Oshtor teaches you towards classification the artifact was a key qualified to control the ancient relics of mankind. Oshtor thinks one to only is concerned about the risk and much more significantly which Woshis really is. Men goes through new door, immediately after to arrive to the other front, Saraana and you will Uruuru prove the team they are regarding the Mausoleum under the Imperial Investment.

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